• “Many thanks again for the course this weekend-it was fantastic and I cannot believe how much more confident I feel about using my camera! I woke up this morning wishing I was getting to spend the day studying photography all over again- but no such luck! Here I am trying to concentrate on my early childhood studies but just keep thinking about taking photos!”

    Lianna Hodson

  • "The two day intensive course was perfect for me as I work full time and couldn't commit to a longer course. It's amazing how much we all learned over two days! Small class sizes meant help was available any time you needed it, and spending most of the day out taking shots ensured we learned by practicing ourselves, not listening to a lecture."

    Elizabeth Kurtis

  • “I just wanted to get in touch and let you know how much I enjoyed the introductory course that you ran over the weekend of 20th/21st November. I’ve been taking photos using small compact cameras for a few years (always using automatic settings!) and what I learnt over the weekend opened my eyes in terms of what is creatively possible using manual settings. I don’t have a Digital SLR but I do have a high end “bridge” camera (Canon SX30is) and still learnt a great deal from the course.”

    Ben Clarke

  • “Many thanks Peter for great course, not long arrived home, seeing lines & shapes everywhere now. Enjoyed the weekend, will definitely go back to Manchester, was so much to photograph. Thanks also to the rest of your team we had a lovely mix of people.”

    Carol Schlijper