Night Photography

Single Evening Session

Night photography has an attraction all its own.


Photographers can capture some of the most stunning and visually exciting images to be had – a city skyline, lamp posts on a dark and deserted street, capturing the trails left by speeding cars.

Throughout our courses we emphasise the importance of light when capturing your image. Taking photographs at night is a lot simpler to achieve then one might think. The results can be stunning and strange effects are easy to master.

Learning Outcomes

– to capture night time images without the use of flash
– to be able to use flash at night
– to capture creative images and paint using light

The workshop is flexible to the needs of our students, however it is structured with the aims and objectives outlined below


– To build on previous learning and knowledge of the camera’s manual functions
– How to capture the image you want by making planned changes to aperture and shutter speed
– How changing the aperture and shutter speed effects the expression of light in the image, this includes the capture of moving lights and painting with light
– Use of flash at night

You will need to bring your own camera and its instruction manual. Make sure your battery is charged, and you have backups or bring your charger too. Also make sure you have a clean memory card and spares, just in case you get carried away taking photographs. If you have a tripod, please bring it, if not let me know in advance so that I can bring one along.

The course will only run 2 or 3 times per year. Usually held on Saturday evenings, 6pm-9.30 pm, when the Christmas lights are up and the Christmas Markets on, this is towards the end of November or early December.

Maximum of 6 participants per tutor, all must have attended the Introduction to Photography or be able to use the camera in full manual mode.

Places will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. As places are very limited and the course is short, places won’t be held if payment isn’t made at the point of booking.

Cost will be £60.

It will be very cold and may also be wet, please come dressed to stay warm and dry.