One to One Tuition is aimed at anyone who owns a digital SLR camera and wants to maximise its potential.

The tuition is tailored to suit your level, from complete beginner to professional.

Why One to One rather than doing a course?

The content is decided by you and delivered at a pace to suit your level and prior knowledge. You will get 100% of the tutors attention and won’t be held back by a class.

Or, you might simply want to refresh your memory.

These are possible topics that will help you gain a better understanding of your camera and unleash your creativity:

Composition – Classic composition, the rule of thirds, the golden ratio, the golden spiral, the golden triangle and simplicity. And finally how and when to break the rules!

Creativity – movement, depth of field and playing with exposure to make your own image.

Elements of design such as texture, colour form and pattern.

  • Buttons, functions, menus, settings etc.
  • Operating the camera in manual mode
  • Light meter and metering modesThe sensor, sensor sizes and covering are
  • Creative use of depth of field
  • Practical exercise exploring how the aperture & Shutter speed
  • affect the image
  • How to operate your lens, and how avoid distortions
  • Focal length, Angle of View & Perspective
  • Lens impact on Depth of Field
  • White Balance [W.B.] and Colour theory
  • Advantages of shooting RAW
  • Post production using Aperture or Photoshop