Travel Photography

One day course

All participants need to be at intermediate or advanced level, having done at least the Introduction to Photography course or be well practiced in using their camera in full manual.


This is a very exciting and dynamic workshop that will help you hone your travel photography skills through practical assignments, visual presentation, discussions and critique.

We explore how professional photographers, plan and structure their work; tools and equipment that are used; the language of light; using composition and perspective creatively; people, places and landscape techniques; we will also look at landscape and urban photography, portraits and street photography.


Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • learnt to research or find ‘the story’ and be able to tell it in pictures
  • developed your understanding of how to give a sense of place to your location
  • developed your understanding of the rules of composition, so that you know when to break the rules and still get a fabulous shot
  • learned more the creative use of Light, Composition and Perspective

The workshop is flexible to the needs of our students, however it is structured with the learning objectives outlined below.

  • Build on previous learning and knowledge of the camera’s manual functions
  • Explore how professional photographers plan and structure their work
  • Develop your learning of the tools and equipment that are used
  • Develop your understanding of the impact and behaviour of light
  • Understand the creative use of Light, Composition and Perspective
  • Learn to research people, places and seasons, where to go and what to shoot
  • Learn to move from and capture, Landscape to Urban, from Portrait to Street Photography

The course will run from 10am – 5.00pm. Please note, it is possible the course will over run to cover all learning objectives for the day.


You will need to bring your own camera and its instruction manual. Make sure your battery is charged, and you have backups or bring your charger too. Also make sure you have a clean memory card and spares, just in case you get carried away taking photographs.

Because 70% of the course takes place outside it is essential you come dressed for the prevailing weather conditions.

Price is £90 for return participants, otherwise £100.